Thursday, July 7, 2011


So, while doing some more research on The Bodies Issue, I remembered that making a kirtle really *is* the more period (and obvious) solution. It's what I had planned on doing with an earlier period Tudor I had planned (think 1520's), but I was going to just do the pair of bodies for this gown, in order to have a reusable and more flexible foundation garment for any future projects. However, having a boned kirtle would be really handy... I could make sleeves for it and wear it on its own to the Renaissance faire and have a kind of historical-ish pink princessy gown for faire before I'm even done with this gown. However, the down side of that plan is that I would have to wear the kirtle (and skirt!) with every single gown I make from here on out... Which isn't necessarily a problem, since it needn't always show through a split skirt. I could always wear another petticoat over it or pin a forepart to it to switch up the look. If I did the kirtle, it would definitely be side-lacing,which would be great for either front or back opening gowns. I guess I could just make a pair of bodies with a matching petticoat for a similar look, but the kirtle would look better on its own than those two pieces worn together, *and* be a more period undergarment... It would also give my pretty silk a chance to shine, since it would show under certain styles if I didn't pin on a forepart or wear another skirt over it.

I have a feeling I'll be going back to Jo Ann's to get some more of that pink silk!

(ten minutes later)
Nevermind. I got my hands on some paper and a pencil and realized that I'd have to build straps into a kirtle, whereas I'll just lace straps onto a pair of bodies, making it more versatile for different necklines. Oh well, it will be easier to stick to the pattern; the gown is drafted to go over the corset from the accompanying pattern, so hopefully that will mean fewer fitting issues. I'll play by the rules... This time!


  1. Pink silk is so pretty! Hopefully less fitting issues, good luck :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement!