Saturday, July 9, 2011

Star Trek: TOS?

So, as I mentioned in my first post, I'm going to a Star Trek convention in August and wanted to throw together a costume for it. I'm really torn, since part of me feels like I'd rather be putting my time toward the Tudor, but I also know that if I go to this thing and don't even make an effort, I'll be really sad and disappointed with myself. I'll feel like the kid who didn't get invited to the party. So, with that in mind, I am thinking I will try to make something quick to wear to this event. I have this pattern from and JoAnn had some acceptable fabric, but only in red. Darn! I'd really like a blue medical uniform, but oh well. I am going to try to approximate a tunic for my boyfriend as well, but I don't have the time or resources to wait for an "official" pattern to ship, so I found a weird raglan sleeve sweatshirt pattern that Simplicity puts out; I may try to make some simple modifications to that and push out something that approximates the look of the mens' TOS uniform. Time permitting, I'd like to modify a pair of black pants to give them the flared cuff, but we'll see.

Unfortunately, I don't have much experience sewing "modern" things, so I'm not sure how sewing on a knit fabric is going to go. I know I need a ballpoint needle, and other than that, I guess I'll just do some fabric tests to make sure the tension on my machine is correct and then go for it. Am I supposed to line knits? I didn't see anything about that in the pattern, and I believe some of the pieces are self-lined, but I may buy some extra fabric and self-line the entire thing. That might help for smoothing out any bumps and lumps, as well.

I must say, I'm kind of excited at the prospect of having a Star Trek uniform, even a poorly done one! It will be a great thing to have for costume parties and Halloween, since I don't have to worry about how much space I'll take up or having people step on skirts in close quarters. I think it will be fun to accessorize, too; the remastered TOS episodes are up on Netflix now, and they're gorgeous. The makeup the women wear is pretty awesome, so it will be fun to put together a look for that, and while I'm not fancy with the hair, I think one of those awful plastic bump-its may be in order!

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