Sunday, July 31, 2011

Starting is the Hardest Part

So, I still haven't started my Star Trek costumes. I just can't rally my enthusiasm for it; I don't have a good space to sew, I am working with the bare minimum of supplies, and even the very first step- tracing the pattern- is going to take longer and be more difficult than it would normally be, since I can't find pattern-sized tracing paper anywhere locally and my stash of it is in a box somewhere; I am reduced to using paper bags and wax transfer paper. Plus, my "workspace" (I am using this term loosely) is  covered up with mail, makeup, movies, books, dishes... It's become a storage area of sorts for the living room. So I guess technically cleaning the table off is the real first step! Mostly, I think I just don't want to be sewing this. It's funny, it's a costume I'd like to have, and I think it would be fun to wear. That doesn't mean I want to sew it; I don't anticipate it being a "fun" project, and it won't be pretty. I know, those are random criteria, but I enjoy sewing for the chance to wear long, beautiful gowns and elaborate styles that I don't get to wear in normal life. A mini-dress just isn't doing it for me. Historical costume is my first love, and making something that is closer to just a plain ol' costume isn't nearly as exciting. Honestly, I'd give up on the project except I already have all the fabric, and I do think it will be fun to have.

On that note, my goal for today is to clear off the table and get started tracing the pattern.

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